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dewitcher Framework

dewitcher is a very powerful OS framework based on Cosmos

Important Info:
| I saw that there are very much sites where you can download dewitcher.
| Sadly most of the sites are not updated so they offer a older version of dewitcher.
| Because of this I will change it to closed source.. not.
| But it would be very very nice to place a link to this page on your site that offers dewitcher.

Please leave a comment to help us providing a good code quality =)

dewitcher Keyfeatures

  • The most advanced Console class for Cosmos
  • Advanced PIT
  • PCAudio driver + musical note frequencies
  • Graphical Textmenu with Themepack support
  • ACPI for Shutdown/Reboot
  • MD5 and Rotation algorithms
  • Kernel extensions
  • Streams
  • ProgressBars
  • Advanced RTC
  • Bluescreens
  • Multiple key layouts (QWERTZ, QWERTY and AZERTY)
  • ..take a look at the source for more ;)

You can find tutorials under the Documentation tab =)

This will be in the next release:

  • Fully working FAT 32 / FAT 12 / FAT 16!
  • Atom File System
  • Console animations
  • Basic memory management
  • AZERTY keymapping
  • Improved QWERTZ keymapping


dewitcher is being developed by the best OS programmers.
  • SplittyDev
    • Founder of the dewitcher Framework
    • Founder of WitchcraftOS
  • Aurora01
    • Developer of one of the best OS's: NoobOS
    • Developer of one of the best Filesystems (NoobFS)
  • GruntXProductions
    • Founder of the one of the best Cosmos OS's: GruntyOS
    • Creator of the amazing GLNFS filesystem
  • UniqOS
    • Founder of UniqOS
  • AtomOS
    • Founder of... ATOMOS! omfg
    • Creator of the amazing AFS filesystem (Working FAT!)
  • zdimension
    • Founder of FlowDOS
    • Founder of the zDimension developing group
  • Kenneth
    • Not a developer, but he helps a lot fixing bugs and stuff
    • Take a look at Kenneth.cs! ;)


  1. ATAPI for CD and DVD support
  2. USB 2.1 Support
  3. A stable Kernel and API
  4. Adding more self-destroying stuff to Kenneth.cs =P
  5. X86 Assembly Execution
  6. LAN and WLAN support
  7. Way more that I forgot to list

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